Saturday, July 30, 2005

MapType (Map. Satellite, Hybrid) Control

Right now you can save MapType to your map configuration (Map. Satellite, Hybrid) and generate your map for desired MapType as well. To check this feature goto to MapBuilder's home, set desired map type and hit "Save Center, Zoom & Map Type(map, satellite, hyprid)" button. After that check map's source code, preview or your map @ mapbuilder...whatever you want.
See as a example what can be done with MapType option.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Booming Maps

Booming Maps page continues to be very popular page on MapBuilder. I like it ;)

MapBuilder.Net News

"Map Implementation" page(available for registered users only) extended with 2 more ways of map implementation: "Source Code to Your HTML Page - Keep You Map Live" and "Source Code to Your HTML Page - Copy & Paste".

So actually we have 3 ways how to share a map created @
1. Put button or link to your site like this MyMaps at
2. Get html source code which will grab live map from
3. Get static html and paste it to your web page


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