Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Montecatini Terme, Italy

Tourists attractions in Montecatini Terme
Montecatini Terme is a city of 21.000 inhabitants able to accommodate every year at least 1.700.000 tourists many of whom register with the renown health spas. The city has 230 hotels capable of housing these numbers. Special accommodations are available for meetings, special events, symposiums and conventions. A golf course (18 holes, par 72) is located only 9 Km from Montecatini T., tennis courts, trekking and mountain bike routes, hiking trials, trapshooting, riding schools, a soccer stadium, horse racing... At your leisure, by car or from the two train stations, you can quickly reach the art-cities of Tuscany: Firenze (48 Km), Siena (80 Km), Pisa (62 Km), Pistoia (15 Km), Lucca (29 Km). - Time Zone: GMT+1 (Summer +2)

Tony Packo's Locations

Tony Packo's
This interactive map shows Tony Packo's Locations. Tony's famous sausage-and-sauce sandwich was a product of the money shortage of the Great Depression.
Tony's creation was called the Hungarian hot dog because Tony was Hungarian-American and lived in a Hungarian neighborhood. Until Toledo-born Tony invented it, there was no such thing as a Hungarian hot dog, say those who know the Old Country's food.
Packo's food was an instant hit in the neighborhood. The restaurant is still run by the Packo family - by Tony and Rose's children; Tony Jr. and Nancy, and Nancy's son, Robin.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Key West Florida Vacation Travel Information & Reservations for Key West

Key West Hotel Map
This interactive map shows you Key West's hotel locations, information, and offers cheap discount reservations.

Tahoe Keys Resort

Tahoe Keys Resort
Tahoe Keys Resort is the choice of visitors who want their lodging close to the lake, the amenities first-class, the views of the lake and mountains breathtaking and the location central to daytime and nightlife activities.