Friday, December 30, 2005

Maps Review (December 30, 2005)

- Happy Hour
The definitive list for Happy Hour in Washington, DC with places, times, deals and specials. Drink up!

- Holiday lights displays by

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 23, 2005


David Berlind announced his idea about Mashup Camp - the unconference about the uncomputer.
My goal for Mashup Camp is to do the opposite of what all these other Web 2.0-esque conferences are doing. It won't be invitation only. The pilot event will be modest in size guaranteeing intimacy and low or perhaps even no cost to attend (perfect for some of the people doing the real innovation on a low budget). And, it will involve a mix of open networking time, leader-facilitated discussions that address some of the most important issues and concerns that the API providers and the mashup artists actually need to work out, and fun (for example, a hottest mashup contest with an even hotter prize).

I was really excited once I've got email from David and further more we spoke over the phone about his idea. As author of I will definitely visit that event. Looking forward to see a schedule and reserve tickets for the Mashup camp.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Maps of the Week (December 19-25, 2005)

- The Olimpian Tour of Lights
Christmas Lights on Yahoo Map

- Map of Parishes in the Archdiocese of Atlanta
Williamsburg & Greenpoint
Bars, cafes, wifi, eateries, trains, venues. compiled by williamsboard [].

- The City of Tracy
Where is Tracy? The City of Tracy is located near the heart of California in the Northern San Joaquin Valley. Encompassed by highways, it is easily accessible from all directions. Interstate 5 provides access from Sacramento to the north and Los Angeles to the south. The San Francisco Bay area is accessible by Interstate 580. Modesto and the rest of the Central Valley are accessible by taking Interstate 205 to Highway 99 via the 120 interchange

- Locations to visit in Toronto

- Roadshow 2005

Monday, December 19, 2005


"Indiana State Fair Tractor Drive" map shows how easy is to add polyline to the code generated by MapBuilder.
Here's the actual code to build polyline:
// Add polyline
var TractorDrive = new Array(
new GPoint(-86.17002010345459, 39.771504066537645),
new GPoint(-86.16152286529541, 39.771306157391855),
new GPoint(-86.16165161132812, 39.768601342041286),
new GPoint(-86.15890502929688, 39.76846939711062),
new GPoint(-86.15804672241211, 39.767842655236535),
new GPoint(-86.15718841552734, 39.768403424550456),
new GPoint(-86.1579179763794, 39.76903016131954),
new GPoint(-86.15757465362549, 39.77796878575054),
new GPoint(-86.1571455001831, 39.78944546454763),
new GPoint(-86.15731716156006, 39.794985245044494),
new GPoint(-86.15701675415039, 39.798249549632104),
new GPoint(-86.15650177001953, 39.80392049827307),
new GPoint(-86.15306854248047, 39.80603049931308),
new GPoint(-86.14954948425293, 39.80612940402307),
new GPoint(-86.14495754241943, 39.808601975532106),
new GPoint(-86.14375591278076, 39.80965691231115),
new GPoint(-86.14354133605957, 39.81028327336426),
new GPoint(-86.14371299743652, 39.81387649754178),
new GPoint(-86.14354133605957, 39.81433799896189),
new GPoint(-86.13933563232422, 39.81763434756231),
new GPoint(-86.13757610321045, 39.82037019683298),
new GPoint(-86.13495826721191, 39.82234785137201),
new GPoint(-86.13161087036133, 39.82531422646072),
new GPoint(-86.12950801849365, 39.82785202349348)
//Add Polyline Overlay
map.addOverlay(new GPolyline(TractorDrive));

Thursday, December 08, 2005

MapBuilder on Google Code

Chris DiBona featured MapBuilder on Google Code page. (check top right side).
I'm so excited!
Thanks Chris!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Maps in FireFox 1.5

For those who has been upgraded FireFox to v.1.5!
There is a know problem for InfoWindow (popup) layout. Read through this thread on the Google Maps API group for a fix and related discussion. I will monitor this problem and see if it's necessary to make some fixes in the source code generated by MapBuilder.

Friday, December 02, 2005

MapBuilder on

Finally has been featured among other mashups on
Thanks to John Musser!
MapBuilder users, feel free to rank to keep it on the top of list.